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Buying property in Dubai and get residency

Buy a property in Dubai

Like any other country, buying a property in the United Arab Emirates is one of the ways to obtain residency. When it comes to buying property in Dubai, there are many options to choose from. With stylish and modern apartments, beautiful townhouses, spacious villas as well as various commercial buildings, you will have access to a wide range of options. Perhaps this is what makes Dubai an excellent investment destination and contributes significantly to its economic growth.

Both buyers and retail investors benefit from easy and flexible payment plans after delivery, service fee waivers and ease in DLD fees. In fact, this convenience and benefits have encouraged a large number of people to purchase property in Dubai and the UAE.

There are two options for obtaining a residence visa for business people and their family members in Dubai, which include buying a property and registering a company. This article focuses on how to obtain a Dubai residence visa through the purchase of property, the type of property required, the validity period of the visa, and the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a residence visa. Spaneh real estate website has useful information about Dubai visa rules for Dubai real estate investors as well as Dubai real estate market players.

Why are you buy property in UAE?

Before buy a house in Dubai, you need to know why you are buying. Buy any type of house you want. You must be sure of its future. If you intend to use it for personal use. You have to consider important things like hospitals, schools, airports and supermarkets. But if you’re looking for an investment perspective, you must look for locality and future predictions.

buy property in dubai and get residency

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Is it possible to obtain residency by buying a property in the UAE or not?

In order to obtain residence in Dubai, you must buy a property whose value is higher than 750 thousand Dirhams. If the property you buy is worth 2 million Dirhams or more, you can get the golden residence.

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